About Us

The Centre for Entrepreneurial Development Studies (CEDS) is an Enterprise Development Centre established by Covenant University in 2002 to consciously create job creators not job seekers. It is a centre borne from a passion to equip individuals and organizations to create and secure the future by creating values, opportunities and wealth.

Our mission is to drive the culture of enterprise and innovation. This we achieve by equipping individuals and organizations through relevant and strategic trainings, research, and startup incubation and development.

It is well proven that our graduates represent a good fraction of the leading entrepreneurs in Nigeria and Africa. Investors’ feedback reveal that our graduates usually procure about 50 percent of their funds, because of their ability to create value, wealth and opportunities. This explains why we have become the place for leading startup accelerators to set up shop on our campus so they can make meaningful, rewarding and impactful investments.

What we do

We equip individuals to sharpen their ideas and take them from concept to product to market.