Programme Overview

The economy is not in favor of those who do not innovate. Companies and organization are having a hard time now because the performance methods and engine that brought them success for years, no longer works. The way out of this dilemma is innovation. But innovation hardly works in a system that is used to a way of doing things particularly if such way has become the norm because it delivered success in the past. This is why organizations must learn and master how to make Innovation Happen.


  • Understand the rudiments of innovation in products, services and processes for new and existing markets.
  • Understand how to retain existing businesses and clients, and prospect for new businesses, clients and markets.
  • Equip leaders of organizations to set up the culture and environment that enables and breeds innovation.
  • Understand how to build innovation and growth strategies based on an understanding of the market drivers and analysis.
  • Teach participants how to execute innovation.
  • Show participants how to be and remain competitive as well as increase market share through innovation.


  • Understand how to innovate systematically in cost-effective ways that are relevant to the customer.
  • Designed opportunities for innovation they translate into marketable products.
  • Help in the creation of environments that bridge the gap between expectations and accomplishments;
  • Set up the culture and environment that enables and breeds innovation
  • Show participants how to be and remain competitive and increase market share through innovation

Target Audience

This course is designed for Directors, Senior Managers, CEOs, Chief Innovation Officers, Business Owners, Department Heads, Chief Technology Officers, Business Unit Leaders, Marketing Directors, Members of Executive team, Sales Directors, Medium and small-scale business owners looking to expand their businesses.

Course Details

  • Date: 21st -22nd February 2018
    Course Fee: 20,000 (Tuition, Course material, Tea break and lunch)
    Delivery Mode: On Campus
    Accommodation: Optional
    Training Method: Case Study, Presentations, Teamwork/Project, Video, Design and Application and other engaging activities
    Course Duration: 2 days (10am-4pm)
    Learning Aid: Power point presentations, Design Thinking and Simulation


  • Ideas
  • Ideas execution
  • Innovation
  • Innovation execution
  • Capacity to innovate
  • Monetizing Innovation
  • Enabling innovation
  • Innovation and competitiveness
  • Managing innovation
  • Managing the innovation processes