Our Story

The Centre for Entrepreneurial Development Studies (CEDS) is an Enterprise Development Centre established by Covenant University in 2002 to consciously create job creators not job seekers. It is a centre borne from a passion to equip individuals and organizations to create and secure the future by creating values, opportunities, and wealth. Our mission is to drive the culture of enterprise and innovation. This we achieve by equipping individuals and organizations through relevant and strategic trainings, research, and startup incubation and development. It is well proven that our graduates represent a good fraction of the leading entrepreneurs in Nigeria and Africa. Investors’ feedback reveals that our graduates usually procure about 50 percent of their funds, because of their ability to create value, wealth, and opportunities. This explains why we have become the place for leading startup accelerators to set up shop on our campus so they can make meaningful, rewarding, and impactful investments.

Create, Innovate, Develop


Centre for Entrepreneurship Development Studies (CEDS) is an arm of Covenant University aimed at raising entrepreneurs by promoting the culture of innovation and enterprise. This we do by providing the enabling environment to ensure innovation and entrepreneurship thrive. We think global, we are a melting pot of ideas, energy, and influence, we challenge our students how things are done and we teach them to constantly question and innovate, we believe in providing our students with the most diverse world-class and entrepreneurial education in the world. We also offer a short-course program on innovation to internal and external bodies in the society on execution and getting a result.

Hence, we set the pace for other institutions to follow CEDS is thus established to enable the University to produce graduates who will create jobs rather than shrink the few job opportunities available.


We equip individuals to sharpen their ideas and take them from concept to product to market.

LEARN: Facilitate professional and corporate enterprise training

STARTUP FACTORY: Turn your big ideas into a great company with seed funding, workspace, networking opportunities, and mentorship

SKILL UP: Equip our students will relevant technical and vocational training engendering wealth creation.


  • Creating and promoting entrepreneurial awareness and opportunities;
  • Imparting entrepreneurial skills in the students, staff, and members of the external context in contact with the Centre;
  • Enhancing the capacity of potential and practicing entrepreneurs who desire to learn practical skills that will make them self–employed and self-dependent;
  • Making employers of labor in Covenant University graduates, thereby depleting the unemployment market in Nigeria;
  • Stimulating the development and growth of entrepreneurship in Nigeria;
  • Provision of market linkages;
  • Mentoring of SMEs; and
  • Offering supportive programs to SME operators.

Meet The TEAM

Dr. Felicia Omowunmi Olokoyo

She is an Associate Professor of Finance and current
Director, Centre for Entrepreneurial Development Studies, Covenant University, Nigeria.
Her research interest is in Lending Behaviour of Banks, Foreign Direct Investments,
Capital Structure, Institutions, and Corporate Performance, Corporate Governance, Landbased Investments (LIs), Large Land-based Agricultural Investments (LLAIs), Entrepreneurial Performance and Development Finance where she has published over
 60 scholarly articles and has presented conference/seminar papers in many countries of the world and has won several awards. She is a Fulbright Scholar and Fellow of the
 Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria(FCIB). She is also a member of the Council for
 the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA), American Finance 
Association, the International Forum for Democracy and Peace (IFDP), the International
 Academy of African Business and Development (IAABD) and the Global Trade Analysis
 Project (GTAP) among others. She is a sought-after mentor and role model to many young scholars in academia both in Nigeria and in the diaspora. She is happily married and blessed with children.